Do you have questions/concerns about owning or taking care of beautiful unique rugs? Hopefully the information below can help answer your inquiry. If you have additional questions please contact us through the "CONTACT" page form. Thank you!


Rug Cleaning

Probably the #1 question out there is, "how do I clean my rug"?  There are ways to take care of your rug investment so you can rest easy. You can vacuum and spot clean, but the full, deep cleaning should ALWAYS be done by professionals. ABBASI Fine Rugs does not clean rugs but we recommend a local service that will take care of all your cleaning/repair needs. Click the button below to find their spot cleaning guide and contact info!


How can I tell if my rug is hand knotted ?

Probably the #2 most common question out there. There are a few key ways to determine the quality of a rug as hand knotted (each part of the rug is meticulously tied by hand, on a loom by a real person). First is to look at the back of the rug. As seen in the image to the left, the design on the back is the same as the front only slightly less clear. This is indication that the rug has been made using individual knots. Now that being said there are machine made rugs that can fool many, so also look for labels that may indicate the maker and quality. Now if you see a solid canvas back on your rug it is most likely hand tufted and not hand knotted. Tufted rugs are made with tools that shoot fiber through a foundation and then use a latex painted canvas backing to ensure stability. A proper classification can always be done by a professional and we are always happy to help identify your rug!


I have a rug I dont use. Will you buy it from me ?

Also a great question ! ABBASI Fine Rugs does not typically buy rugs from individual clients. We can advise and direct you to a few consignment and alternative ways to selling your merchandise.